Tune in and relax your mind with the sounds of the shed ︎︎

︎︎ Tune in and relax your mind with the sounds of the shed ︎︎

Our Roots

In a time where the darkness outshone the light, and a plague spread across the land, a seedling began to sprout in a small shed tucked away in an unsuspecting corner of a garden.

For a long time the seed had been waiting for the nutrients it needed to grow. Then one day Mother Nature imparted a gift upon the seed. A glowing ray of the sun’s love came down through the soil, and the seed was blessed by its warmth. Almost as if by miracle, it cracked open its shell and a root reached out into the ground. The root grew bigger and stronger by the day, until the first leaf sprouted. Suddenly the darkness began to fade.

As the days passed by, the mother root grew, reaching out and connecting the life of the land. The garden became a sanctuary for all, radiating the most positive energy that the land could recall. The grass grew as green as the ripest Granny Smith, the sun as warm as a campfire glowing in the midst of winter. The birds singing in a harmony as sweet as the purest of honeys, and the flowers more bright and colourful than ever before.

The garden is a place of beauty and peace for those that seek sanctuary in its warmth. Such a rich gift must be watered with love. For the flowers to bloom, bees must come from hives far and wide. This small shed that was once tucked away in a dark corner of a garden is now surrounded by an ever-flourishing forest, blooming with life and peace.

The Garden Shed is a community that is safe and welcome to all, it is nurtured by the seeds of imaginative thinkers and makers. Through conversation we share our love, promoting unity and equality among a young generation of people who are eager for change. The reaches of the garden are infinite and open to incorporate all forms of expression.

The Garden Shed is a space of sanctuary.

Tune in to tune out.